• What is a Style Coach?



    A Style Coach is someone who is trained to practice a unique combination of the skills of a Personal Stylist and Life Coach.

    A Personal Stylist is someone who helps a client achieve a new look and change his or her appearance. A Life Coach is someone who coaches a client through change by helping then to set goals and achieve them by appropriate encouragement.  We help the client to become the person they want to be and live the life they deserve effortlessly.

    So now you may ask. What does a Style Coach do?  I work one on one  with a client, helping them to achieve a new look, new confidence, become the person they want to be, living a frustration free, balance, authentic, happy and fulfilled life effortlessly.

    Now that you know Who I am and what I do. You may ask, Who may be a typical client or do you need a style coach? Well lets find out. My typical client is everyday women and men, who desire change in their appearance, their lives, their negative self-image and beliefs.  They are people who desire a new positive outlook and want to get out of a rut.  Even if you want to have a new relationship, new career, job promotion, new direction in life or new found purpose. You may already be successful, but want to be successful in all areas of your life by improving your personal brand.

    If you fit in any of these categories, I would be more than happy to set up a free 15 minute consultation with you. Click here.

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